We value our customers, and want them to be rewarded!

Introducing our new loyalty programme designed to keep your car looking good as new.

What You’ll Get

Becoming a member of our loyalty programme will give you the following benefits:

  • Your 2nd visit you’ll get Complimentary Wheel Bling.
  • Your 4th visit you’ll get Complimentary Wax.
  • Your 8th visit you’ll get a Complimentary Economy Wash!

How will I know when I can get a reward?

This loyalty programme is tied to your registration, we will send you a text when you’re close to getting rewarded.

Sign up at your local Concierge Car Wash

You will need to register with us to be eligible for the loyalty programme. Please visit us at any of our locations to start the setup.

Subject to Terms & Conditions

Our Loyalty Programme is subject to terms & conditions, which you can read here.