Sparkling cars, satisfied customers.

Jay Park

Concierge car wash always provided good quality of car wash. I recently visited again and received $60 service as per usual but I noticed the difference. Quality’s actually improv...

Kanu Kamboj

Fantastic Customer Service with well equipped highly skilled Team, where no compromise with quality /care wash. I am/was extremely happy with this car wash. They made my loving Kl...

Sandeep Mehrok

Very professional & friendly staff, good value and excellent car wash service ..

Kelly Pettitt

Love the service from these guys . Amazing service and great job . Will definitely be coming back . Thank you .

Pali Sarai

Brilliant service. First time user at this car wash. Having tried numerous car washes in the area, I could immediately tell the big difference in quality. Definitely recommend it.

Premium handling of your car every time.

Rewards for Concierge regulars

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2nd Visit

Complimentary Wheel Bling

4th Visit

Complimentary Wax

8th Visit

Complimentary Economy Wash